Nobody would function very well creating or rebuilding an RD/RZ without a few friends and their favourite suppliers, hell it would be pretty much like it was before the internet with no one knowing anyone else LOL! with that in mind here are some of the friends of

Parts Suppliers

Wicked ATV - Run by Roger who became an RZ nut when he discovered these bikes after years of tuning Banshees. He now offers a number of in-house produced billet components that are out of this world.

RDLCCrazy - Norbo has been selling parts almost as long as Yamaha, including some of the parts Yamaha has deleted from their range.

Economy Cycle - John is a two stroke bike nut with a nice simple storefront and has helped a number of builds out over the years with dedicated parts like his supply of R6 shock bushes.

Two Stroke Shop - Steve has remanufactured some hard to find parts and engineered some solutions to the problems encountered by those running larger engines.

RDDecals - Mark is another of the guys who totally understands what we are trying to do when building these bikes, he is happy to work with you to get the graphics you need, service that is always appreciated.

Naturally, when you contact these vendors, please do feel free to mention that you found their link on

Info sites - Xavier’s wonderful site, what would we do without it!


Where the young (and not so young) punks hang out and forge forward the art of restoration, rebuilds and customisation. There is a wealth of information here and if you haven’t joined one of these forums, then you must do so now... tell them I sent you.

RDLCCRazy forum - Dedicated RD/RZ British forum chock full of guys building and restoring their bikes. forum - Originally an American forum, but these days frequented by Canadians and Aussies. Dedicated RD/RZ 350 subforum full of builds and projects.

Yamaha forum - Dedicated RD/RZ British forum that has never quite recovered from a change software and lack of ownership, helpful forumers are keeping it alive!

Two Strokes Downunder - Small and locally oriented forum that just needs more members, but is enjoyable with all the local players. Has other brands, but the Yamaha sub forum is the most lively.

Perth Street Bikes 2 stroke forum - Perth based and has some experienced builders and owners, also caters for other brands, but RZ’s are well represented.

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