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PloProf.com is the respected online Omega PloProf resource. The only place with more info about this watch is Jon’s Omega PloProf book.

The DeskDivers site is dedicated to those watches that have yet to be discovered elsewhere on the web.

I also have his own website where I talks about the sites and other work, see JonWallis.com.

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                        - The lure of blue smoke!
Two stroke motorcycles - restored and upgraded. An obsession!

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The site for 2 stroke enthusiasts to read about restoration and upgrades of ‘70s and ‘80s two stroke motorcycles. Readers will discover that I ‘enjoy the journey as much as the destination’ and the stories of my builds are told with real life twists and turns, mistakes made and changes of heart. “Warts ‘n all”.

The site includes reviews of bikes ridden, parts tested, rebuild stories & useful upgrade guides and some hints & tips.

Like the other websites under the DeskDivers banner I hope you will discover some forgotten underdogs, bikes that have ‘limited visibility’ today even on the internet; a prime example is the Honda MT250, when did you see or hear about one?!

As it is said that exceptions prove rules, I’ve added a couple of 4 stokes... just don’t hate me too much!

I hope by reading this site you will come to enjoy a little of why I have a life long obsession with these noisy and smelly machines, although I expect if you’re reading this that you are similarly afflicted!

The Omega PloProf book 
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Parts for Sale

For Sale : Honda Parts

NEWS! More new pages including Parts For Sale for the RGV 250 VJ22 and VJ22 models as well the start of work on two more projects, RZ500 and F2 Hybrid. Plus more added to the RD/RZ250, 350 & 500 YPVS for sale page and a new project coming soon: RZ500 - watch this space!

Of course there are a bunch more updates as well, including; more info on the ‘83 31K , 25ILC and the restoration project RDLC! Don’t forget to check out the articles on fitting some cool parts from the RD/RZ suppliers, see the ‘Talking Shop’ pages.

2Smoked.com builds on the success of the DeskDivers and PloProf.com sites. The same team that brought you those gems has now worked its magic on a small corner of the two stroke motorcycle scene!

This site brings you restoration stories, hints and tip and parts for sale but also road tests and visits to suppliers, as & when those stories arise.

To kick off we have:

Roadtests & Visits - A trip to Wicked ATV in LA to buy engine parts that turned into an adventure in the seedy underbelly of the city, Thanks for the fun Roger!

Restorations - The ‘80 XT500, ’80 LC resto, ‘81 LC 421cc, ’82 Hybrid RD/RZ LC with Boysen ported 250, ’83 LC2 YPVS & ‘85 RZ350 YPVS and ‘74 MT250 projects are well advanced. Get comfy before you start reading!

Upgrades - The whole website contains upgrades really, but now includes versions of the R6 rear shock upgrade for the YPVS, Triumph calipers & fitting a Zeeltronic.

Parts for sale - I’ve now sold my XL500R and MT250 and wont have time to restore one of the LCs, and so some hard to find parts for those bikes as well as the RGV and 500 are now for sale.

Bikes for sale - Nothing right now, but keep checking back, you never know!

Some have asked... ‘Why 2smoked.com?’ Well.... This website was created to collate and showcase the motorcycle build and restoration work done by Jon Wallis but also some of the articles written about those bikes too. If you’ve liked what you’ve read and would like Jon to write for you then please contact Jon directly using the email form on this website.

Who am I? My name is Jon Wallis and you can find out more about me at JonWallis.com.

I am part of the team who brings you the watch related websites, DeskDivers.com and PloProf.com, which remain hugely popular, with new work being added regularly. I am also the author of a book about the famous Omega PloProf, and write for various watch manufacturers including Omega. Check out their latest Omega Lifetime Magazine at your local Omega Authorised Dealer, I usually have one or more articles in each issue. If you would like me to write for you, please contact me using the email button:

For Sale : Yamaha Parts

For Sale : Suzuki Parts

Welcome to 2smoked.com!