Why create a website about my obsession with rebuilding and upgrading 2 stroke bikes?

Well therein lies a tale...

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I started my love of bikes and also two strokes on the same day back in 1984 when my dad and I went with my good mate Duncan to negotiate the vending of a Suzuki ER50 for my new transport.

We lived in Amsterdam at the time and everybody who was anybody rode a sports moped. The law was such that you were allowed a restricted moped at 16, but nothing bigger until you hit 18.

It was just before by 16th birthday that we made that trip into Amsterdam and Duncan rode home my new pride n joy as I watched him from the car.

As readers of this website and my forum friends will know, my love of two strokes remains strong and in recent years I’ve embarked on a number of cool projects with more to follow, so check back to this site often as I hope to continue this story

My Dad once suggested that I should rebuild bikes and sell them on to make a bit of money. Sadly my problem was two fold. 1, Im a bit of a perfectionist so ended up spending more than they were worth, and 2, I hated selling things.

I found that out during my final years at Uni when I  bought a succession of Honda MBs and MTs to do up (their story is on this website), which of course I would end up keeping for about 15 years, one of them in my Dads garage much to his annoyance.

When I started working I moved up and up, through RD350s to R1s, via off road bikes for Rallies and Enduros and more recently have started the usual bloke thing of locating and restoring the bikes from your youth with the MT250 and RD/RZs.

Of course the Suzuki wasn’t new, and it wasn’t perfect. It had been in an accident so had a bent frame and the back brake didn’t do a thing. So before I had even ridden a bike I started maintaining one under Duncan’s tutelage.

Once my Dad had got bored of us dirtying up his tools and wandered off, Duncan confided in me that the bike was actually not restricted at all and went ‘like the clappers’ and the spare parts we had picked up were actually the original restricted 50cc parts, cool! In fact whoever did the work on the bike had used all new OEM Suzuki parts and it really did run well.

The bike lasted just under 6months in my care, until mid winter a lazy kid cycled the wrong way down the cyclepath and in a freak accident she swerved out from behind her friends and left me nowhere to go and we both went down, her into the busy road and me into the huge pillar that held up the motorway bridge. Exit my beloved ER with smashed up front end and me with a fractured thumb.

Naturally my mum would have liked me to stop with silly motorbikes, but since the kid’s insurance paid out (kids are often insured for 3rd party damage in Holland in case they break things in people’s houses or break windows playing football etc) I was able to get a new ride, plus new gear.

I bought a well used 3year old Honda MT5, tuned it up and ran it for 18 months until I completely stripped and rebuilt it when the cops caught me and took all my oversized and uprated parts away, plus a small fine.

The bike and I went everywhere and I put serious miles on it, we all did back then, And whilst a step thorugh moped was better than taking the bus models were larger and had gears. All our bikes would crack 100kph so it wasn’t too much of a hardship running a ‘moped’ back then.

When I was 18 I moved to the UK and spent some time playing with other bikes including a bunch of strokers but through another friend who was a Trials champ I got to work and play with some off road stuff like TY250s which was fun.