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I have really been enjoying purchasing and fitting the new ranges of parts that have been produced for the RD/RZ models the past few years. Many of these are well thought out and nicely produced properly on CNC machinery by suppliers that have invested in their business... something we could only dream of in the ‘80s’!

While a few of these upgrades have come about due to the close family ties of the Banshee to our bikes, others have come about because guys like you and I have decided to produce parts in limited numbers.

Seeing that it is a bit of a minefield for those who are new to these bikes and the parts can be a little overwhelming I decided to review some of my favourites, and also provide some info on how to fit them that I hope will prove useful to those fitting their own.

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For my full info on these products, click the links:

  1. Economy Cycle high capacity radiator

  1. Wicked Clutch Pusher

  1. Wicked Gear Lever

  1. Wurth Hose Clamps

  1. Economy Cycle Dynatek coil kit ‘83 - ’85                  (coming soon!)